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ICTAC hosts several large academic and scientific meetings using Zoom and its latest security features annually. Our team has gathered lots of valuable experience how to best present in front of a virtual audience. Hundreds of young researchers, flash talk presenters and even not so tech-savvy senior researchers have taken trainings with us and now manage meeting controls, mute and unmute options, improve their video settings and optimise their screen-sharing.

First, don´t get anxious and stay calm – the more relaxed you are in front of your webcam, the more relaxed is your audience. Make yourself familiar with the tech side of your streaming platform and be more confident when sharing content or speaking to the camera. Then go slow and stay focused on your content. Use a headset and a second screen if you are joining long Zoom sessions and need to attend more an more online meetings. It is worth the investment and helps getting organised.

Self-recording and practicing before an important online meeting is crucial, but even better if you can get some feedback. Get in touch for a free 1:1 test session and receive supportive and constructive feedback on how to improve your video presentation skills.

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Available training slots for November 2020

Next available 1:1 dates: November 10, 13, 14, 2020

Next available group dates and peer reviews: November 2, 3, 2020

Breakout Room session training: November 2, 2020

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