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We organize video conferences for large-scale scientific meetings, panel discussions, summits with up to 100 speakers and 2.000 participants. Our long term expertise in video hosting helps to efficiently plan and execute setups across many timezones. Our hosts speak several languages and are up to date with all currently available video platforms.

Video conference hosting and management for scientific programs, panel discussions, breakout sessions, poster presentations, flash talks, satellite meetings, symposia, and keynote talks. Our video platforms are secure, ranging from the latest and secure industry standards such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, or encrypted Zoom – ensuring all events are being monitored and safe.

Academia conference packages 2023

Video hosts help assigning roles for speakers, chairs or audience and enable small group discussions or large meetings with up to 100 active speakers.

We offer 1:1 training sessions in virtual rooms to check your presentation for a smooth run, confirm the right audio and camera settings and guide you through the available tools.

Hosting large events with breakout sessions for focused discussion will be managed by experienced event coordinators.

If you need to organize a virtual or hybrid event, our friendly assistants will support you throughout the complete set up and create a practical program schedule with you. ICTAC hosts lead every session with great customer care, patience, and video conferencing skills to give your speakers peace of mind and enable them to fully concentrate on their talks.

Planning for a virtual conference? Stay in the loop with the latest tools and contact us to discuss your project.

non-profit organizations

ICTAC supports environmental and educational groups that care about our planet and community. If you need help with organizing your AGM, Board Meetings or Conferences online, please get in touch with our Conference Manager to talk about a special rate.

organizations we either support as event hosts, donors or through active volunteer work:

Surfrider Foundation Vancouverevent sponsoring, active Board role and donations

Society of Translators and Interpreters in BC

Dogwood, BCdonations, canvassing

Vilostrada Foundationmedia and event support

Ambiente Europeoonline meetings, project management, demos, tech and event support

government institutions

ICTAC has served clients in the Canadian and European market for over 17 years and has proven to be a valuable asset in assisting decision-makers with regulatory and expert advice.

ICTAC collaborates on a professional level with international and provisional government institutions.

We offer training, support and advice for linguistic and professional decision-makers. ICTAC also provides interpreting and translation service with qualified interpreters in more than 20 language combinations.

Canadian and government institutions we work with:

ICBC – Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

IRB – Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

German Consulate General – Vancouver


ICTAC works for and with selected brands that meet our own ethical guidelines. Our main role is translation, localization or editing and copy writing service in more than 10 languages.

We also offer webinars and tutoring for corporate stakeholders who need to train their communication, leadership and media skills.

some of the brands we worked with:

Schneider Electric – localization projects

The Humphrey Group – video script editing

Frontiers Journal – panel discussion, presentation talk

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To discuss video conferencing and event management requirements

To discuss translation, localization, proof reading, reviewing and interpretation service