ICTAC Christmas and New Years Fundraiser – OCEAN PLASTIC SOURCING on the CANARY ISLANDS

ICTAC supports the Montemero Team to organize a sailing trip for ocean plastic sourcing around the Canary Islands next summer.

Together with local businesses and environmental groups, we are launching an Online Auction over Christmas to raise money to fund this marine clean-up. Bid on one of the fantastic, action-packed packages you can win to support the cause. The top prize is to board our survey team of biologists, divers and sailors and collect data yourself as a citizen scientist.

Event will take place between end of July & mid August 2022.

La Gomera offers one of the most stunning underwater sceneries of the volcano archipel in the Atlantic ocean. There is no better way than exploring the rugged coastline and access remote natural beaches by sailing boat. Stay over night on anchor and get ready the next day for freediving and supporting a professional cleanup operation.

Freediving and exploring the fantastic Canary Islands marine parks.

Divers will collect sunken plastic in marine parks and protected areas. All material will be hauled out, sorted and repurposed for a new use in the fishing village of Santiago.

Ocean plastic shin pads...sourced, sorted, shredded, reheated and pressed into a mold to fit a soccer player's leg. Absolutely shock-proof, durable and 100 % handmade in Spain! 
Soccer shin pads made from plastic waste collected along the Mediterranean coast of Almeria, Andalusia.

Our funds will go to Ambiente Europeo and Montemero for microplastic sampling and a deep sea cleanup for plastic resourcing. More info here.

Spain is one of the top consumers of sea food – next to tourism, fishing is still an important income source for people living on the Canary Islands. The sea provides jobs, supports communities, creates a living base – all that is under threat because of the desastrous effects of many years of pollution.