“It was by far the best Zoom experience I’ve had all year, and there have been many!”

Nevin Lambert, Medical College of Georgia

ICTAC – Intercultural Training and Consulting

What ICTAC does for you

We’ll organize your virtual, hybrid or physical event from start to end.
We provide secure and easy-to-use video conferencing technology
and all-round customer care.
You do the contents, we’ll take care of the rest for you,
whether you expect 2 or 2,000 participants.



Academic and educational virtual conference hosting – from registration to speaker training and post-event video editing.


We manage and organize your virtual event. Flash talks, board meetings, conference role training, interviews, video and audio content.


Learn and improve your skills in 1:1 sessions or group trainings on linguistics, communication, online presentation and transcreation.

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Client testimonials on ICTAC hosted events


“ICTAC rules!”

Marcello Leopoldo, Professor at University of Bari (ERNEST 5 Hybrid conference in Bari, Italy, 10/2021)

“Thanks again for the great organization you and the ICTAC team have setup – It was so smooth that I bet most participant have not realize how much work you have put upstream.”

Francoise Bachelerie, Universite Paris Saclay (i-GPCRnet symposium 12/2021)

“This was a fabulous event, with cutting-edge research presentations and posters, in depth opportunities for networking and seamless technical platforms. Question and Answer sessions were well-moderated and led to thoughtful discussions. Considering the challenges of virtual meetings, the organizers are to be commended for their innovation and creative meeting planning.”  

“I thought it went really well. For being virtual, the organizers did a great job trying to create opportunities for people to make personal connections.”

“Excellent! Felt like a really friendly event with great science and great speakers. Thanks so much for organising this, it gave me a real boost for working on my reasearch project – sparked enthusiasm!”

“Thanks to all the people involved in the organisation, this meeting was incredibly well organised and the transitions between sessions were as smooth as a virtual congress could possibly offer!”

Anonymous attendee responses (ECI 1st Transatlantic Symposium) 7/2021

Thank you for all the great work wrapping up the Ernest 4 meeting. You’ve kept the quality of your service just as high as ever!

Martha Sommer (Chair of COST Action CA 18133 ERNEST) 5/2021

“Thanks for the opportunity to present to this audience, and for organizing such a fantastic meeting. It was by far the best Zoom experience I’ve had all year, and there have been many! Looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.”

Nevin A. Lambert (Professor Pharmacology and Toxicology, Augusta University, Georgia, USA) 11/2020

“When our in-present conference had to be cancelled at short notice due to the Covid-19 crisis, ICTAC reacted quickly. They made it possible for all 450 participants and 55 presenters to hold the event online. Thanks to an outstanding all round service and excellent customer care, it was a highly professional and fun experience.” 

Jana Selent (Vice Chair, ERNEST group) 04/2020

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