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Whether you plan to live-stream a physical event to a virtual audience or you need to go fully online with your conference or summit, we can help you set up, run and host your online event.

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Master the timeline

Please be aware that virtual conference planning takes a lot of time even if your participants won’t need to travel. Make sure you get in touch with us several months before your planned event date.

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Here is an overview for how much time you will need if you have little or no experience with virtual event management.

  • Large conference (50 – 100 speakers): Five to six months
  • Medium conference (20 – 50 speakers): Four to three months
  • Board Meeting (10-20 ppl): 2-1 months
  • AGMs or Townhall sessions (<100 ppl): Four to three months
  • Webinars, Training, Lecture: Three to two months

Rush Service

ICTAC does offer conference management at short notice for experienced Event Organizers who are willing to collaborate with us on a daily basis. Two weeks before event start is the latest we can manage for hosting your conference. This of course depends on our availability.

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