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ICTAC Intercultural Training and Consulting is an international team of linguists, journalists and event specialists for intercultural skills and communication.

We are based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, on the West Coast in Canada. Our remote staff works in several parts of the world. In our work we often have to manage events on different time zones and help making global and local online communication easier.

Offering online training for video presentation skills, intercultural consulting, coaching and customized language courses, ICTAC supports academia, non-profit organizations, government agencies and individuals throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

We also provide speech & dialog coaching, subtitling, dubbing and voice-over for the film industry as well as proof reading, localization, technical writing, translation/interpretation and PR and media services for your scripts and texts.


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June 15, 2020

Breakout Room Management

Learn how to divide your conference into up to 50 separate sessions at once. Participants can either choose which meeting they want to join or will be assigned to their rooms by the host. In a 20-minute training session, we’ll show you how this feature can be cleverly used..

June 20, 2020

Video Presentation Training

Make a test run with us on our streaming platform and test your video and audio appearance. Our conference hosts will give you valuable feedback and tips for improving your presentation skills.

June 25, 2020

ICTAC Vancouver workshop: Subtitling Course

An introduction to subtitling and translating scripts for the film industry. In our globalized world, film subtitling, dubbing and script translation is an increasing industry with growing opportunities, especially in a city like Vancouver.